WikSmart Coolers are Made in a Patent-Pending Design that Gets Your Horse Dry in Half the Time of a Regular Cooler!

Here Are the 3 Reasons Why:

More Surface Area Coverage – Neck Cover and Belly and Chest Panels cover the areas where horses actually get sweaty and wet, thus eliminating the need for towelling off the underside of the horse.wiksmart_navy_openside

Tight Fit – WikSmart Coolers fasten tightly to the horse’s neck, belly, and chest. This speeds up the moisture diffusion process from the hair to the fleece. The snug fit also makes it so the cooler doesn’t slide off the horse. It stays put so you can leave it on in a stall, trailer in it, lunge in it, and even ride in it bareback!

Heavy Fleece – WikSmarts are made of a thick, 300 g fleece, whereas many other commercial coolers are made of thinner 100-200 g fleece.

This short video shows you how easy it is to put a WikSmart on your horse.

It only takes 3 steps and less than 2 minutes.

Priced at only $109.95 on our home website (Normally $119.95)  Available in many sizes/colors. Go to the order page to buy yours! (some very gently used inventory for only $59.95 – contact us) http://www.wiksmart.com/order-horse-blanket-cooler-sheet/